Med-Life Institute's Philosophy of Financial Aid

Med-Life Institute believes that everyone who desires training which will advance them towards the goal of finding employment should have the opportunity to attend school regardless of their financial situation.

We promote financial assistance to eligible students so that they may benefit from our training and education with the goal of providing them a career. The primary purpose of the financial aid program at Med-Life Institute is to provide financial assistance to students who, without aid, would be unable to attend school.

Financial assistance is offered in the form of federally funded programs. Financial assistance is viewed only as supplementary. The student and the family of a student are expected to make a maximum effort to assist with educational expenses.

Federal financial aid will be administered in accordance with Federal regulations and guidelines pertaining to the type of assistance requested.

Important Documents

Additional Financial Information & Untaxed Income

Dependent V1 VWS

Dependent V4 VWS

Dependent V5 VWS

Independent V1 VWS

Independent V4 VWS

Independent V5 VWS

Low Income Form (Independent & Dependent)

Missing ISIR Info Form (Parent)

Missing ISIR Info Form (Student)

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